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Jeff & Cindi in Haiti 





  Pastor John     Pastors   boys

     Pastor John, Cindi & Jeff                                    Emilio & Jeff                           Brother's Hanging out


kids     Pastor Emilio & Cindi           Baby Rose

        Fun at Church                       BenBrun, Cindi & Emilio                                            Baby Rose


Sunday afternoon Bibl Study  Bible Study by Oil Lamp  Worship

 Sunday Afternoon Bible Study                     Bible Study in Houck                                Worship in Cayes


Max & Jeff   Max's Church    Smiles

              Max & Jeff                                            Max's Church    

  Let's get started  Mountain Roofing  On top

                                           Constucting a Roof in the Mountains  


Almost ready for the tin     Church Convention in Houk    Port Salut - July

   Almost ready for the tin.                          Church Convention in Houk                Port Salut - July 2016


Beach Port Salut  Convention Les Cayes    Church Convention with Entienne  

     Beach - Port Salut                         Church Convention - Les Cayes               Pastor Entienne and family


Chantal Crusade 1   Chantal music   worship Chantal

Getting ready for Chantal Crusade                        Music                                           Worship


Jeff & Marco  preaching under the stars 

                                 Preaching under the stars!


Building a Strong Church with Pastor John


      Preaching                               Strong Church  


Children      Sign


Pastor John Rock     rock

                    The first stone laid for their church building, Feburary 14, 2016






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