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  Hearts for Haiti


  What a blessing to be the vessel God uses to touch the lives of people in the southern parts of  Haiti. This year has been a year of growth and pouring into others what Jesus has filled us with, His love, Word,  grace....Himself! 


  A food program was started this year when we were approached by Pastors with the hunger of so many people, in their villages and churches, due to the devastation that hit us from Hurricane Matthew, in October 2016. The hurricane took down many fruit trees and land crops. Keep in mind, not only are the fruit trees and land crops a source of food for the people, it's also their way of earning money and making a living.  The land doesn't give crops for almost a year. Once a banana tree gives fruit, a new tree has to grow to bear another bunch of bananas, this takes time. Coconut trees were taken down by the powerful winds as if they were toothpicks, time is needed for regrowth of those trees as well. As a result of the hurricane and so many people asking their Pastors for help, Heart of the Father Ministry reached out with bags of rice and beans to help feed families. Thanks to all your donations and willingness to be a blessing, we have reached out and feed hundreds of families with rice and beans. We also traveled up into the mountains where we gave a church community rice, beans and boxes of clothes to assist them, from the devastation they encountered from the hurricane.

  Later in the year, Heart of the Father Ministry reached out to a small Christian school/ orphanage with meals for the children as they attended school. These children are some of the poorest of the poor, their families simply do not have the money for them to attend other schools. This school allows 36 children in our area to receive an education even though they do not have the funds.

  Building projects continue out in Houck and the roof on the Prince home is slow moving, but in progress.

  The WORD continues to go out into the hearts and lives of the people through Pastor conferences, Bible studies and preaching on Sundays. We look forward to getting a few more studies started soon!  

  God has placed within our hearts the desire to share His abundant love with others. In revealing this love and grace of Father God, people come to understand that His love can’t be earned or bought – but that it’s a free gift to all who will reach out and take it. There is nothing that makes God love us more or less. God is not concerned with where we’ve been. However, He is concerned with where we’re headed. Our passion is to continue to preach of Father God’s unconditional love and the truth of His word. We pray for others knowing that God hears our prayers and answers them according to our faith and the power that is at work in us.






















"Behold what manner of love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God!"  - 1 John 3:1

Our desire is to minister to the Pastors in small remote villages. Teaching the life, power and truth of Jesus. Read more ...Vision





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